Relgion Online-extensive resource for articles and books.

Wesley Center Online – John Wesley’s writings and much more

The Jesus Institute – study of the historical person of Jesus, including information on the historical context of first century Palestine (Israel)

Online Bibles with search feature (several versions, including Eugene Peterson’s paraphrase, The Message)

United Methodist Links

UMPower – a service from the General Board of Church and Society that enables visitors to enter a zip code to gain instant email, fax, or letter access to their state or US elected officials and the media.

Links to UMC Boards and Agencies

The Official United Methodist Church Website

The New England Conference of the United Methodist Church

The Central/Southern Maine District

The Jesse Lee Cluster

John Wesley:Holiness of Heart and Life, An Invitation to Spiritual Growth

United Methodist History

For more information about the history of Methodism, from its beginnings with John Wesley to the present, click on the links below:

200 Years of United Methodism Homepage,

The United Methodist Web Site, “History of the UMC”

History of the New England Conference

General Board of Global Ministry “United Methodist History”

John Rylands University Library of Manchester, England “Methodist Archives and Research Centre”

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