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The following information can be used to contact both churches.

Pastor and Office phone: (207) 582-5188

Parsonage phone: (207) 582-3960

Web site issues: vacant

Pastor’s office hours:

Tuesday and Wednesday 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM

Other times by appointment.

Mailing address for both churches:

16 Asbury Street
Randolph, Maine 04346

3 Comments on “Contact Us”

  1. Josh Oldaker Says:

    “Heal Me Tour 2010”
    Josh Oldaker

    Direct Contact:
    Cell: (304) 669-3880

    Dear Pastors,

    Thank you very much for taking the time to read this brief email. My name is Josh Oldaker and I am a 23 year old country-gospel singer from Quiet Dell, West Virginia.

    In October of this past year after singing a song titled “Heal Me” at my home church Quiet Dell UMC, God laid on my heart that the message in this song needed to be shared with the United States. Bringing, the “Heal Me Tour” into existence. Therefore, I will be spending one week starting on January 7, 2010 in each state going to any church who would like to take part and hear the message God has laid on my heart.

    I do ask for you to do three things:

    1.Pray and ask God if this is for your church!
    2.Pray for this ministry in which God has given me!
    3.Pray for our nation!

    If God does lay this on your heart and you would like to be a part of this tour, please feel free to contact me any time with questions. Before anyone asks there is no charge. If you would be willing to take up a love offering it’s much appreciated, as there will be costs along the way.

    RSVP your date as soon as possible as there is a limited timeframe I will be in each state. May God bless each one of your ministries and I hope to see you soon!

    Josh Oldaker

  2. Gerald Polley Says:

    Greetings Geraldo!

    Here is a copy of the letter I am hoping will reach Barbara Bush. I will be sending it to all the governors of The United States and asking them to request of their people that they pray that The Bushes accept God’s wishes and become my partners in this great project to save His children. I will be asking them to put a copy of this letter on their web sites as we do not have high speed internet and cannot get it up on ours so that people will constantly see it and ask in all sincerity that The Bushes fulfill God’s glory and accomplish His purposes. We will also be sending it to ministers throughout the country asking them to do the same, asking their people to pray that The Bushes hear God’s summons and obey His will, fulfilling their mission in this lifetime. If you could put this letter on your web site and encourage others to spread it it would be a tremendous boost to our efforts. We are winning major victories but this new pharaeo, this new oppressor who is threatening to imprison those who will not do his will must be stopped! Freedom of choice must not die in America! If The Bushes join us it will not. We will defeat this petty tyrant and restore librty. God’s will will be done!

    Yours In His Service,

    Speaker Gerald Polley

    An Open Letter From Speaker Gerald Polley
    God’s Republican Candidate For The Presidency In 2,012
    To Barbara Bush, Former First Lady Of The United States

    28-11-01 AJ

    Most Sincere Greetings To One Of God’s Most Gracious Daughters!

    As I stated in the beginning God wants me to run for The Presidency in 2,012 as a Republican. He would like me to take this opportunity to try to recruit you as my campaign chairman in Maine. There are many projects that we wish to work on, many ways in which we would like to raise funds because God wishes me to base my campaign on doing good deeds. One of the good deeds I would like to now do is contact the people of South Korea and arrange for them to sell some of my products and raise funds to purchase the disputed island from them and the North Koreans and have it be the first holdings for the Korean protector, a young lady I am trying to recruit to restore my powers. As a further gesture of goodwill to the North Korean People I would like to raise the funds in The United States to buy a shipment of surplus sugar to send to South Korea to be delivered to the North, to show the people of the North I am their good uncle, not interested in tortring them to impress the world, but in finding ways to make them prosper, while keeping their own society. If you could help in this effort I would appreciate it.

    I also need to make a request to your good husband. I was allowing God The Father to use my physical form. He wanted to make a march through San Francisco on Christmas Day, denouncing Obama Care, the enslaving of The American People, homosexuality, the sodomizing of His childen and, the legalization of marijuana, the destroying of them with drugs for profit. Unfortunately the rebellious Catholics in The Kingdom Of God forced us to cancel that effort. God now needs a physical host. He makes a request to your husband that he take up residence in Ellsworth, Maine, for two years and be His physical host. If he could help us arrange the march through San Francisco with me as God’s spokesman and him carrying God’s power, we could do grevious harm to those that would destroy God’s children. As a reward for this in 1,000 years God would give your husband power and glory equal to His own and a world to rule over in the stars as He rules over the Earth, especially for the people of Maine, the gratest reward that God can offer. Nobody in Maine seems to want it, and somebody ought to take it.

    There is the perfect residence for sale in Ellsworth, power wise. I don’t know if it would have enough room for you but if you wish I could show you where it is. It has a very roomy yard.

    These are very difficult times. We are struggling to save God’s children. If I become President I intend to ask your son to be my chief of staff, and to help me in my efforts to establish a homeland for The Palestinians outside of Israel and I will ask your daughter-in-law to be my vice President and after my service, the President so you can understand why God would especially like the support of you and your husband.

    I will be sending a copy of this letter by surface mail to the editor of The Bangor Daily News and later by email to Geraldo Rivera, asking both to deliver it to you and to ask you to serve God.

    Yours In the Service Of Him
    That Dwells In The Holiest Of All
    Now, And, Forever

    P.O. Box 392, Ellsworth, ME 04605 (207) 812-1621.

  3. LYRA choral group. US tour 2015. Sacred and folk songs from Russia

    Dear friends,

    In Sep. – Oct. 2015, a Russian vocal group “LYRA” is going to the US with a concert tour. LYRA is a group of 5 members (females and males) who are professional opera singers or professional musicians of other music occupations. In 2001 we were awarded the Montreux (Switzerland) international choral festival diploma. In 2005 our group was also a winner of Coleraine International Choral Festival (Northern Ireland).

    The main aim of our activity is to make Russian Church music well known in other countries by concerts and singing in ecumenical worships, and also to bring traditions of Russian folk music to people who are interested in Russia, its history and its culture. Our group regularly goes with concert tours to the US and European countries (Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, England, Ireland).

    Now we are trying to get in touch with parishes, musicians, music organizations and all people in your country who are interested in a cappella music. If you want to meet richness of Russian musical heritage and invite our group to your church please contact us simply by answering this mail. This will be a great and unique experience for your congregation and community.

    Every year, since 2001, we tour around the US. Over 150000 Americans have listened to us and could prove the quality of our performance. We have made friends with many people who, we are sure, will be glad to say a word for us. We will be delighted to provide you with some references.

    If you have any questions we would be happy to answer all of them. At your request we can pleasantly send you some WEB links with VIDEO recordings of our singing from the concerts in the past.

    We would be happy to sing for you and your community.
    Kind regards,
    LYRA vocal group
    St. Petersburg, Russia

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