Randolph UMC

Randolph United Methodist Church.

Randolph United Methodist Church.

Our Mission

The mission of Randolph United Methodist Church is to love one another and to spread the love of Jesus Christ, opening our hearts, our minds, and our doors by reaching out to all persons through both a genuine ministry of hospitality and our activities in the world.

Our Congregation

At Randolph United Methodist Church we try to be concerned about things that matter. Your age, race, ethnicity, marital status, disability, financial condition, your clothing, your past, or anything else that might make you feel “different” does not matter. What matters to us is that you hunger to know an abundant life. We welcome you as you are, because we ourselves have experienced God’s all-inclusive love.

We seek through worship, study, and fellowship to provide a nurturing environment for personal Christian growth, equipping us to live as the people of God in the world, and empowering us to minister in Christ’s name to those in need.

History of the Randolph UMC

Randolph United Methodist Church’s heritage goes back to Jesse Lee’s itinerant ministry in 1794 and the first Methodist assembly in the town of Pittston in 1797. Randolph UMC as a distinct entity, however, had its beginnings in the spring of 1844 when a young preacher named P.P. Morrell held a powerful revival in town and was subsequently appointed Preacher in Charge. In December of 1847 the first church building was completed on Windsor Street, with the church bell installed in 1851.

In June of 1961 a fire that began in the furnace area destroyed much of the church. The decision was made not to rebuild, as the existing lot was very small and had no room for parking or expansion. In July of that year, Mr. and Mrs. Otis Pottle donated 2.5 acres of land for the construction of a new church building. Church services were held first in the Fire Station, then at St. Andrew’s church in Pittston, and finally at the Randolph Theater until the new church could be completed.

The first worship service in the new church was held on April 15, 1962, less than one year after the loss of the original church building. Improvements have included an addition completed in 1991, a bell tower housing the original church bell erected in 2000, and the paving of the parking lot in 2003.

Adult Studies

Adult Studies are held at the Randolph Church each Wednesday evening from 6:30 to 8:00 PM. In this weekly group we cover a variety of short-term studies ranging from Bible study to Christian perspectives on contemporary events. Some of our topics have included the Book of Revelation, Personality Type and Prayer, World Religions, Psalms and Hebrew Poetry, etc. We are presently participating in an eight week Disciple module, “Invitation ot the New Testament”. Everyone is welcome to attend.


From Water Street in Randolph (Route 9) turn onto Belmont Street (1/4 mile north of the Gardiner bridge). Turn left at the crest of the hill onto Asbury Street. The church is located at the end of the road.

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