Our Charge

Our Organization Structure

We are one of 556 churches in the New England Conference of the United Methodist Church, and are assigned to the Mid-Maine District.

Our Conference

The United Methodist Church is governed by a General Conference that meets every four years. There are 67 active bishops, which, along with retired bishops, compose the Council of Bishops, which meets semi-annually. The Resident Bishop is the chief pastor and presiding officer of the Annual Conference. The New England Conference is divided into eight districts. Each district is administered by a District Superintendent in consultation with the Bishop. The New England Conference meets annually in June for its regular business session, where an equal number of clergy members and lay members from local congregations are present to report on the previous year, and to set directions for the year ahead. During the conference, the Bishop appoints the pastors to their ministry for the next year.

Our District

The Mid-Maine District of the United Methodist Church in New England. Our District is made up of 71 churches doing incredible mission and ministry in their communities and the world.

Our Cluster

We are part of the Jesse Lee Cluster, comprised of twelve United Methodist churches in the Augusta area who come together in order to be involved in cooperative ministry.

Our Charge

The Randolph-East Pittston charge is comprised of the Randolph UMC in Randolph and the East Pittston UMC in Pittston.  Both Randolph and Pittston are located in Kennebec County, Maine.


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