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Still waters, turbulent waters

November 17, 2009

Turbulent waters where a placid stream flowed.A couple weeks ago I walked to church, and along the way crossed over the little bridge over the east branch of the Eastern River, just down the road.   The water was running high due to overnight rains.  On my right the river was smooth and calm, winding its way along a field.   On my left, that same river was a raging, turbulent torrent.    Sometimes waters change from still to turbulent in a heartbeat.

As one sits indoors and comfortable it is easy to think good thoughts about the world outside. But you know how life is; there can be and probably will be darker, more difficult days than this.   If you or someone close to you have ever suffered from a life threatening disease or other calamity, then you know that world.   The once placid river of our lives becomes a series of dangerous, angry, rapids that can cause fear to surface in our hearts.

Faith can be paralyzed by fear. Fear is like an anchor that stops us dead in the water. But we are wrong when we panic during difficult times.   In reality the problem is not the raging waters around us, but the unbelief within us.   We make too much of the problem and too little of God’s provision.   Fear does that-it maximizes the problem in our mind and minimizes God’s provision and presence in our heart.    So we cry out in our panic.

To cry out is to assume that there is a God who cares and who not only cares but acts.    As the great old hymn says so well, “When darkness veils his lovely face, I rest on His unchanging grace, In every high and stormy gale, My anchor holds within the veil.”    Psalm 23 tells that the Lord leads us beside still waters, too; but to be led we must be willing to follow.    Jesus longs for us to put our trust in Him – the only One who can take us through the torrent.  Not around, not over, but through.    In our deepest fear, our need to trust Jesus is at its greatest.    So, when the waters of your life are turbulent, I urge you to pray and seek the comfort that Jesus provides as He leads you through the storm to still waters.